Update  2019 Bosch Performance CX

Update  2019 Bosch Performance CX
29 April 2019 OLDEDITOR
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Every rider wants to make the most of the potential of ebike with pedal assistance.

how do you just need is to have your electric bike and bike computer up to date.

what can the latest Bosch Performance CX update 2019 do for you?

The latest update makes pedaling assistance more powerful and helps deliver power in eMTB mode when we use very short cranks (165 mm).2019 Bosch Performance CX update intelligent pedaling assistanceWhen we tackle very steep climbs on our eBike we need reactive pedaling assistance so that we can have fun uphill without getting tired.

Another key factor is that the engine changes thrust intensity depending on the slope and the presence of obstacles along the way (rocks and roots.).

2019 software update of the Bosch Performance CX makes this possible.

By using the tilt sensor, the pedaling assistance adapts to the slope, making pedalling easier and reducing effort.

Power improvement with short cranks upgrade 2019

Short cranks are used to prevent the pedal from touching the ground when driving unevenly, which could ruin or cause the driver to lose his stability.
For this reason, many people prefer to use short cranks (165 mm or less).
The Bosch Performance CX software update 2019 allows you to adapt the progression curve in eMTB mode.
Increasing thrust in Tour mode and ensuring maximum uphill thrust even with short cranks.

When and where can the update be made?

The software update will be introduced as standard on all 2019 models with the Bosch Performance CX and can still be applied as a retrofit on previous engines marketed from 2016 onwards.

PinetaBike offers among all the services also the software update and the real tuning of the ebike to meet every single need.

What are you waiting for? Stay updated!


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