The animals of the Pinewood Park: magical and unexpected encounters

The animals of the Pinewood Park: magical and unexpected encounters
29 April 2019 OLDEDITOR
Scoiattolo Rosso, Red Squirrel, incontri animali nel Parco Pineta Di Appiano Gentile E Tradate PinetaBike

Visiting a natural park, in addition to immersing yourself in unique environments and landscapes, also means meeting its inhabitants. Clearly, to live in a territory like that of the Pinewood Park there are mainly animal species, which have colonized even the most hidden corners. And all that is left for man to do is admire these incredible specimens, which always leave him breathless. To amaze more there are certainly large mammals and spectacular birds of prey, but more experienced eyes will also appreciate amphibians and reptiles. And visiting the park with our e-bikes is one of the best ways to make these magical encounters.

The animals of the Pinewood Park

Surveys carried out in the Pinewood Park have highlighted the presence of a fauna heritage of significant value both in terms of numbers and quality. It also appears that compared to the surrounding areas, the richness of animal species is much greater. From the amphibians that populate the wetlands to the small friendly rodents such as squirrels, dormouse, mice, from the mighty birds of prey to the elegant ungulates such as deer. Many and very different from each other for characteristics, habits and habitats are the inhabitants of the Pinewood Park.

The inhabitants of the wetlands

Inside the Parco Pineta, among woods and cultivated fields, there are also wetlands. In addition to the numerous streams that cross the entire territory there are natural and artificial ponds. This is the kingdom of amphibians, but also of various reptiles, fish and insects such as dragonflies. Among the most important examples are the toad, the tree frog, the green and red frog, the newt and the salamander.  

The birds

The dense forests that hide sheltered glades, wetlands and agricultural areas create an ideal mix for birds, both stable and migratory. Inside the Pinewood Park there are about 90 different species of birds. Among the most important are the woodpecker, the owl, the goshawk, the buzzard, the woodpecker, the sparrowhawk, the heron, the kite. It is really a unique emotion when you see large birds of prey taking flight a short distance away, or when attracted by the noise you meet the woodpecker at work.


However, mammals are the most ecstatic of all visitors. Meeting them is really exciting, from the smallest like the red squirrel to the largest ungulates like deer. There are various species that you can meet: hedgehog, mole, rabbit, hare, dormouse, squirrel, fox, badger, weasel, marten, deer, roe deer, fallow deer, wild boar. 

Travelling by e-bike is the best way to meet many of these species, especially at the most suitable times. Traveling quickly and quietly through the territory is ideal for these magical encounters. One more reason to visit PinetaBike!


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